logo had a great day yesterday; mostly triggered by a mention in Seth Godin’s Blog.

Firstly’ I’d like to say that I think that the concept behind mmmzr is very good, but it is (the creator) Tadeshi’s execution of the idea that I find particularly slick:

Tadeshi’s approach can teach us two important lessons about successfully developing and launching a business (or a concept or a product etc.):


Tadeshi first identified the desires of his target demographic (webmasters) as Making Money & Increasing Traffic. In he found a way that allows his audience to achieve both of their goals in one easy shot.

Normally web advertising, especially the good stuff, will cost big bucks. Tadeshi’s ability to give you advertising, and at the same time give you cashback, makes his a rare concept indeed. And, of course, the real trick is that he figured out a way to make himself some money at the same time.

Lesson: Understand Them, then give Them what they want.

(A good book also teaches us the same lesson).


For to be a success, he had to get the right people to sign up early on (although I think the really interesting marketing will come when the prices reach >$4000). What Tadeshi needed was some early-adopters…

If you have ever read about “early adopters”, then you have probably read some of Seth Godin’s work. And if you subscribe to Seth’s blog, then you probably consider yourself to be an early adopter.

When Tadeshi got himself some exposure on Seth’s blog – his idea instantly fell on the ears of the right sort of people who would really get mmmzr off the ground.

Lesson: If you want to reach the people, try talking through their king.