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From a patent application in 2007…

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How To Write An Outstanding CV

Wednesday January 2, 2008

As a gifted individual, your CV presents you with an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other prospective job candidates in two distinct ways:

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How to get Noticed

Wednesday December 6, 2006
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  1. Have an Idea
  2. Start doing It
  3. Keep doing It
  4. Keep doing It
  5. Keep doing It
  6. Keep doing It
  7. goto 3.

Check out – the Number 1 Blog you haven’t read yet according to

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Business Brink Online Diary

Friday December 1, 2006
Business Brink Logo

I’m not normally a fan of video-blogs (or podcasts for that matter), but this one is put together with style and brevity, and as it is nicely on-topic for this business blog I thought it deserved a mention:

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Inspirational Blog-Roll

Thursday November 16, 2006

A collection of some motivational pieces that have recently zipped across the interwebs to the 9 Clouds Design RSS viewer:

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Moleskine Diaries

Thursday November 2, 2006

Gift Shops, Card Shops, Food Shops, even your favourite online-tat-bazaar – they’re all stocking up on Diaries for next year.

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